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  • Our top apps of 2012

    Our top apps of 2012

    We use apps on our phones, tablets and computers every day. We use them to inform, entertain, and to make our lives easier. And we’ve tried a lot of them. Some are awesome and some weren’t worth our time.

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  • Looking down

    Looking down

    OK, so we’re not sad or anything. In fact, our collection of flooring inspiration images over on Pinterest has us pretty darn happy. There’s something about walking into a home with unique features — like a painted floor! — that makes us want to get out the painter’s tape and start making something great. And if painting your floors isn’t exactly your speed, we’ve included cool rug, tile, and hardwood floor ideas, too.

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  • Sweets and treats in Gainesville

    Sweets and treats in Gainesville

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth but want to try something unique, Gainesville has got you covered. With everything from local coffee shops with a large selection of coffees and tea from around the world to vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, whatever craving you have is sure to be satisfied.

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  • Pin it!

    Pin it!

    We’re Pinterest addicts over here (and if you aren’t already, you will be once you check out the site), and this week we’re really loving our Living Spaces board.

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  • Try something different for dinner (or lunch!)

    Try something different for dinner (or lunch!)

    I love simple, authentic food, and Gainesville just happens to have some great spots where I can try new things and enjoy the comfort of my favorite dishes, too. If you’re looking to try something new, check out these recommendations:

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  • It’s a new year.

    It’s a new year.

    We’ve all been thinking about our resolutions for 2013. Some of us have already made them, and some of us are still ironing them out.

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  • Make your home more appealing with a few open house tips

    Make your home more appealing with a few open house tips

    When showing your home, clean and organize it thoroughly. Pick up and put away any toys (from children or pets) and make sure the garbage and recycling are taken out. Blow away leaves and errant yard waste from your yard, driveway, porches and patios. Vacuum, dust, clean your windows, polish fixtures and make sure the house smells nice but not heavily scented (as some people are very sensitive to fragrance).

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