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  • Costly Home Seller Mistakes to Avoid

    By Chris Handy

    As a Sellers’ Representative, my customers ask me to get the most amount of money for their homes, and usually in the shortest amount of time possible. As we began to recover locally approximately 18 months ago, and the market is stabilizing, a mix of time-tested methods and modern strategies, when put in place, allow me to help them achieve the goals they demand of their trusted professional.

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  • Is a Mini Bubble in the Making?

    By: Henry Rabell
    Sr. VP with Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC

    It was a remarkable rebound year for most new home builders. A perfect storm of low interest rates, competitive labor costs, fewer short sales and foreclosures combined with the lack of desirable inventory to spawn the new construction, home sales bonanza of 2014. This mini boom was underpinned by subdivision lot prices. It appears that, in many cases, such lots were purchased by savvy builders at a fraction of their original purchased price via foreclosure sales, or by developers simply cutting their losses on their original capital investment. This mix of factors catalyzed the new home sales resurrection. Builders were able to use the money saved from discounted lot prices and apply it toward enhanced home features. In turn, these bells and whistles, along with prices that rivaled older, less efficient used homes, motivated home buyers. Think about it: The benefits of a new home which includes granite counter tops, crown molding, energy savings components, a modern kitchen and space designs, plus new, unblemished carpet versus the costs associated with updating a used home in need of an eventual roof, AC unit replacement or deferred maintenance issues (often left over by the previous home owner)—and the new home became the undisputed, relative bargain.

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  • Jan’s Favorite Things

    Most everyone is familiar with the song, “My Favorite Things” from the musical, The Sound of Music. (Of course, if you can’t recall Maria, the lyrics, or the melody you can always Google it for a most delightful reprieve). Well, some of my favorite things like entertaining and hosting an Open House for my Seller allows me to combine more of my favorite things. It’s always been a priority to bring beauty in to my daily living. Who would have known that I would have eventually become a Realtor (huh uhm at this age) and found myself in my element combining my favorite things and all things Real Estate.

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  • My Landlord’s Henchmen

    Have you ever rented a property and had a bad experience with the landlord over simple maintenance issues such as a leaky pipe or perhaps, rodents? Guest blogger, Mallory Thompson describes her 2-year ordeal as a tenant in a privately owned rental unit and how relieved she is to now be living in a unit maintained by a professional management company.

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  • Tips for a Greener Home

    Want to save money and help the environment at the same time? Follow these easy tips to help put the green in your home AND your wallet:

    • Add up to 12 of your energy bills and divide the total in half, and that’s about what it costs to heat and cool your home. That’s right, your central air conditioner and heater (called HVAC) – whether it’s in your garage, a closet or the attic – costs you and the planet more than ALL of your other appliances combined. So how we use this important appliance makes a big green difference.

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  • SALE: Courtyards Apartment

    The Drotos Ryals Group recently assisted in the sale of the Courtyards Apartment at 1231 SW 3rd Ave, Gainesville, FL. This 390 bed student apartment complex is well located immediately across from UF’s main offices (Tigert Hall) on NW 13th Street. The complex is located on 3.5 acres spread across several blocks and straddling SW 3rd Ave.

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  • Finding a Real Estate Agent is a Lot Like Online Dating

    With endless possibilities to find your perfect “match,” choosing a REALTOR® turns out to be a lot like online dating. What may be right for one person may not be right for another, but fortunately, there are many ways to sift through the stack of potentials to find the one.

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  • New Restaurant & Bar Options in Gainesville

    The Bosshardt Commercial & Land Division has assisted with multiple leases and sales of commercial space around town over the past few months, for a variety of new restaurants and food service type users. As summer approaches be sure to try out these new Gainesville area businesses:

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